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Getting bonus balled is easy right? It may have sucked before but it doesn't anymore. If you have an airmiles account, shopping rewards, dining rewards, etc. then you know about loyalty rewards programs. The Bonus Ball program is Adrenaline's reward system. It is completely free to join and there is no separate sign-up so if you have an Adrenaline account you're in (and you snagged 100 Bonus Balls to get you started).

When you create an Adrenaline account you'll be automatically in the Pit Crew tier. As you buy more on our site and perform other rewards activities, described below, you'll progress and earn rewards. Once you earn 2,500 Bonus Balls you'll be moved into the Baller tier and you will receive your Baller tier coupon. Once you earn 5,000 Bonus Balls you'll be moved automatically into the Flaming Skull tier and receive the Flaming Skull coupon and welcome gift. Finally, at 10,000 Bonus Balls you'll move to the Elite tier and receive the Elite tier coupon and welcome gift. Each tier has unique benefits that are better than the tier below it.

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